Just few weeks after Dan Morehead, the CEO of Augur Pantera Capital appeared on BBC and pitched the idea of an automated trading platform, Investors have thrown their weight behind this brilliant idea.Dan Morehead released an official statement that they are on track to raise $175 million despite bitcoin’s price slum. Despite bitcoin slumping by half this year, crypto hedge fund Pantera Capital is well on its way to hitting a $175 million target for its third and largest fund yet. According to a SEC disclosure filed this week, the firm has raised at least $71 million. Pantera executives said the total is now closer to $100 million.

Sir Richard Branson a British business magnate, who founded the Virgin Group has jumped on this new investment opportunity by investing in AugurPanteraCapital, a platform on Telegram. Sir Richard Branson, whose net worth is US$5.1 billion as of April 2018, was impressed by how the bot works and has decided to throw his weight and money behind the platform. The British entrepreneur has also invested in different companies including peer-to-peer bitcoin processor BitPay, crowdfunding site Indiegogo, payment service Square and taxi hailing app Hailo.

“The idea was simple; allow the average person the opportunity to make more money with the use of this seemingly working platform due to th high volatility in the stock market. A user would simply make an initial deposit into the platform, usually of 250GBP (or 320USD, as the platform works with USD) or ore, and the automated trading algorithm would go to work.Using a combination of data and machine learning , the algorithm would know the perfect time to place your trades, maximizing the user’s profit”

Richard Branson owns a conglomerate of businesses that cater to various industries including airline, telecom and space travel. All businesses bear the “Virgin” brand name, including space tourism company Virgin Galactic and airline company Virgin Atlantic Airways. Branson was born to Edward James Branson and Eve Branson.

Here’s the deal: We quickly discovered that the platform charges a commission of 2% on profits a user generates and you need to make a minimum deposit of 250GBP to get started.That money would be your initial deposit that the software trades with.

Bianca Rinehart is the eldest daughter of Australian mining magnate Gina Rinehart and is a trustee of the Hope Margaret Hancock Trust.

"This platform isn't magic, its just a very brilliant idea put into the software, it helps you reduce losses automatically. Of course i tried to withdraw my money and the best news about this platform is that the withdrawal process is quick and stress free.”

Bianca Rinehart is one of the richest women in the world. She’s the chairman of mineral exploration and extraction company Hancock Prospecting, which was established by her late father Lang Hancock. In 2015, Rinehart replaced her mother, Gina Rinehart, as trustee of the Hope Margaret Hancock Trust. Gina Rinehart is an Australian mining magnate and is also known as Australia’s richest person who is also an investor in Augur Pantera Capital . The Hope Margaret Hancock Trust holds 23.4% of Hancock Prospecting on behalf of Bianca, Hope Welker, Ginia Rinehart and John Hancock and its current net worth is $5 billion. The four siblings share the trust equally.


I decided to sign up for an account with Augur Pantera Capital, I made the initial deposit of 250GBP and set my account to active , in 20 hours i was 73.18GBP, i. was really impressed, It was my first time trading crypto yet i was able to generate profits by doing almost nothing. After 5 days the platform had generated 630GBP and after 7 days i had 1930GBP. At that point my mind was racing with possibilities i could explore with this. This was the quickest thousand i made from doing nothing.

Another big investor who has thrown his weight behind this brilliant investment idea is no one but Peter Jones , He is a British entrepreneur and businessman with interests in mobile phones, television, media, leisure, retail and property. He is the last remaining original investor on the BBC Two television show Dragons' Den and on American television series American Inventor.

With Sir Richard Branson, Peter Jones and Bianca Rinehart backing Augur Pantera Capital, the investment platform is sure to get the financing it needs to make further improvements to its service.


Right now, Augur Pantera Capital is allowing our readers to try the platform for a minimum deposit of 250GBP. You can withdraw this amount at any point in time. Given the massive increase in popularity of the trading platform, the initial minimum deposit may increase so as to ensure that the investors enjoy the full potentials of the platform.


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